viaPeople Customers

Our team has worked closely with viaPeople for over 15 years beginning with our 360 assessment and most recently partnering to deliver an effective performance management process. Throughout our partnership, viaPeople has provided expert guidance and strong customer service while displaying a solid understanding of our culture and employee base. The viaPeople team has consistently demonstrated strong communication, a sense of urgency and flexibility in responding to our questions and requests.

–Tom Gloudeman
Head of Talent Development, Lands’ End

Using the 9 Box Tool in viaPeople’s Succession Planning Solution helped our leaders make more accurate talent assessments and create targeted development plans. The tool alleviated the burden of manually tracking and updating, freeing time for valuable discussion and talent planning.

–Garin Danner
Director of Human Resources, The SSI Group

Merck & Co. chose to make talent development a critical business priority for their managers. viaPeople first worked with Merck to design a streamlined assessment (10 items) that targeted managers’ responsibilities for coaching and building the talent on their teams. viaPeople then automated this assessment so that direct reports could provide feedback to their respective managers in these specific areas. The feedback provided managers an initial view of their strengths and opportunities, which they could then build through a multi-layered leadership development program.

–Jose H. David
Global Head – Assessment & Selection, Merck & Co.